Lizard Island

The choice is yours

* either stay ashore at the luxurious Lizard island resort and we take you fishing and snorkeling each day
* you stay onboard the boat and we anchor in the sheltered waters of the island each evening after fishing.

Lizard island, the most exquisite island resort in Far North Queensland.
The island itself is a beautiful National Park with rugged mountain and ridges abundant with iconic wildlife and surrounded by spectacular fringing coral reefs.

The island has an exclusive resort with luxury accommodation.

You have the choice of staying at the resort and going fishing and or snorkeling each day or live-onboard the 'Moana' and anchor in the gorgeous island bay of an evening.

Captain Dan knows Lizard Island very well and considers it his favourite place on earth.
Contact us to arrange the perfect island adventure.

Lizard Island is the perfect place to just relax and enjoy the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and Lizard Island waters are also the home of the world's Biggest Black Marlin.